Nowadays it is often essential for organizations to use multiple media channels in their market communication.

CA Andersson therefore offers one of the most powerful crossmedia systems on the market, a system that enables you to combine print, web, email, text messaging and social media with advanced database refinement. And a system in which all stages are automated to save both time and money.

Increases response frequency
CA Andersson’s Crossmedia creates major opportunities in sales campaigns, competitions and event invitations. It begins with a personalized, printed DM mailing, followed up with email. The responses come to individual websites (PURL) where relevant, needs-oriented facts about the customer are gathered.

Database refinement
This database therefore also creates an opportunity to meet the customer’s needs and expectations. Follow-ups and reminders can be via email or text messaging, and evaluations and surveys can be carried out completely automatically after the event.

All statistics are processed and reported clearly in real time via a unique website for you.

Crossmedia for cell phones and tablets
Needless to say the Crossmedia system is tailored to smartphones and tablets – i.e. the design of the message is tailored to the size of the device.

Use everything. Or just a small section.
CA Andersson’s Crossmedia can be fully tailored to your needs.

You may not need to use the whole toolbox. It’s fine if you only want to use email and text messaging in your activity. Feel free to contact us for further information.