The shop window gives customers their first impression of your store. A sense of your brand. The urge to step inside – if you’ve got it right. Let CA Andersson help you create attractive window displays and in-store merchandising that generates sales.
We cut out text and decorative elements from coloured vinyl, and we can also incorporate digitally printed images. To create a background or to stop people looking in, we can put up frosted or solid colour foil. We use only top-quality foil and always offer a guarantee on our workmanship.

Signage and in-store promotion

We produce signage of most kinds, including facade signage, building signage, sponsorship signage, directional signage and sandwich boards. Text and logos for the signs can be cut from coloured foil or digitally printed. The signs are usually made of 3–5 mm PVC sheets or coated sheet aluminium, either flat or with flanged edges. We also make lightboxes, profile cut lettering and neon/LED signs.