Using multiple media channels is essential in modern marketing communications. That’s why CA Andersson offers one of the most powerful cross media marketing systems available, which lets you combine print, web, email, text messaging and social media with specialized database management. What’s more, the system automates each action, saving you time and money.

Boost your response rate

CA Andersson’s cross media system opens up new possibilities for sales promotions, contests and event invitations. Start with a personalized, printed direct mailing and follow up with an email blast. Responses will post to individual web pages (PURL), where you can collect relevant information about customers tailored to your needs.

Database management

The cross media database helps you meet the needs and expectations of your customers. Follow-ups and reminders can be sent by email or text message, and post-event surveys can be fully automated. All the statistics are processed and presented in real time, in an easily understandable format, on a specially created website accessible only by you.

Cross media for mobile devices

The cross media system accommodates smartphones and tablets. The design of your communications is adjusted to fit different devices.

Use all the features. Or just some.

CA Andersson’s cross media system is fully customizable. You don’t have to use the complete toolkit. If all you need to do is send promotional emails and texts, you can do just that. If you’d like to know more, give us a call.